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Gems From My Collection - Paul Weller from Debut to Stanley Road

Was having a blast this morning watching some Paul Weller vids on You Tube and thought it was about time I did a blog focusing on the man himself. I am a huge fan of The Jam and like many folks was disappointed when they split. When he put together the Style Council I thought the first couple of sings were top notch but they were not really my cup of tea the longer they progressed. The single he released under the banner of The Paul Weller Movement I thought was much better.

Into Tomorrow (On Later with Jools Holland)

A year and a half on from that Weller unvieled himself as a Solo Artist with a great wee single 'Uh Huh Oh Yeah'

Uh Huh Oh Yeah (Live In Milan)

Whilst his debut solo album didn't thrill me that much there were a couple of tunes on it that I love.

Bitterness Rising (from 'Paul Weller')

His 2nd album 'Wild Wood' I actually thought was much better.

Sunflower (Later with Jools Holland)

Wild Wood (Live)

The Weaver (Promo Video)

'Stanley Road' album though was the one that really said that Weller was back to his best.

There are so many great tracks on the album that I hardly know where to start...oh will just do the whole album!

The Changingman (Later with Jools Holland)

Porcelin Gods (Later with Jools Holland)

I Walk On Gilded Splinters (Electric Proms)

You Do Something To Me (Later with Jools Holland)

Woodcutters Son (Hyde Park ft Kelly Jones)

Time Passes (Audio live in Hamburg)

Stanley Road (Later with Jools Holland)

Broken Stones (Glastonbury)

Out of the Sinking (Live Acoustic)

Pink On White Walls (Audio Track)

Whirlpools End (Later with Jools Holland)

Wings of Speed (Later with Jools Holland)

The Life and Songs of Kirsty MacColl

Here in four parts is a BBC special on The Life and Songs of Kirsty MacColl. Huge thanks to Dave Ruffy for uploading the programme.





The B52's Playlist: - Whackiness at its best.

One of the bands that I have loved over the years has been The B-52's. They have put out so many great tunes that it seemed good to bring a bunch of them together for a playlist that smacks of whackiness. The Photos are mine, I took them at the Glasgow show in 2008.

Rock Lobster (Live)

Private Idaho

Love Shack (Live)

Good Stuff

Planet Claire

Give Me Back My Man


The Devil's In My Car

Strobe Light (Live)

Dirty Back Road

Theme For A Future Generation

Party Out of Bounds (Live)

Channel Z

Deadbeat Club

The Weather and Seasons Playlist

The Sun & The Rain - Madness

Like The Weather - 10,000 Maniacs

Weather With You - Neil Finn

Rain - The Cult

Pink Sunshine - Fuzzbox

Howling Wind - The Alarm

Like A Hurricane - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

The Blizzard - Camera Obscura

Walk Out To Winter - Aztec Camera

Autumn Almanac - The Kinks

You Can Never Hold Back Spring - Tom Waits

Couldn't Stand The Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Last Day of Summer - The Cure

The Smiths At The National Ballroom Kilburn 1986

Here's a show from 23rd October 1986 at The National Ballroom, Kilburn

The Queen Is Dead
I Want The One I Can't Have - No Video
Vicar In A Tutu
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame/Rusholme Ruffians
Frankly, Mr. Shankly
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
What She Said (with Rubber Ring intro and outro)
Is It Really So Strange?
Never Had No One Ever - No Video
Cemetry Gates
Meat Is Murder
I Know It's Over
/The Draize Train
/How Soon Is Now?
//Still Ill
//Bigmouth Strikes Again

The Queen Is Dead


Vicar In A Tutu

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


His Latest Flame/Rusholme Ruffians

Frankly Mr Shankly

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

What She Said/Rubber Ring

Is It Really So Strange

Cemetry Gates


Meat Is Murder

I Know It's Over

Encore #1
The Draize Train

How Soon Is Now

Encore #2
Still Ill

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Remembering Larry Norman

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of Jesus Rocker Larry Norman.

Here's part of a show from 2005

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